HR Talent Analytics March 2022

This section contains enhancements in Infor HR Talent.

HR Talent Analytics documentation library

Beginning with the 2022.03 release, an online help library is available for HR Talent Analytics content on The Infor HR Talent Analytics content has been removed from the Infor Support Portal.

Workforce Analysis collection

The Workforce Analysis collection has been created. The collection displays HR metrics that can be used in data analysis based on Age, Gender, Tenure, Ethnicity, and Turnover.

The collection has five dashboards:

  • Headcount and Terminations
  • Terminations vs Hires
  • Employee Details
  • Employee Turnover Details
  • Hire Details


HR Payroll Analysis collection

These dashboards have been removed from the HR Payroll Analysis collection:
  • Pay Period Overview dashboard
  • Overtime by Pay Period dashboard
  • Payroll Pay Period Comparison dashboard
  • 80 Hours dashboard
  • HR Payroll Home Page
  • Payroll Register Employee Detail (hidden)
  • Payroll Register Summary (hidden)
  • Payroll Register Detail Totals (hidden)

The Closed Payment Register dashboard has been added to the HR Payroll Analysis collection. You can use this dashboard to track closed payroll costs for single or multiple pay cycles.

The dashboard has three dashlets:

  • Employee Detail
  • Payroll Total Snapshot
  • Aggregate Detail


Orchestrations improvement

To improve data load in Orchestrations, these objects have been updated to support incremental data loads:

  • Extract Variables
  • Updated Data Lake queries
  • Source Space Script
  • Model Space Script
The list of sources are:
  • HCMPR_DeductionCode HCMGHR_EmployeeAddress
  • HCMPR_EmployeeDeduction
  • HCMGHR_EmployeeEducation
  • HCMGHR_GeographicDifferentialCode
  • HCMPR_PayClass
  • HCMPR_PayCode
  • HCMGHR_PayGrade
  • HCMPR_PayPeriodDates
  • HCMGHR_PayStep
  • HCMPR_PaySummaryGroup
  • HCMGHR_SalaryStructure
  • HCMGHR_SalaryStructurePayZone
  • HCMPR_TaxAuthority
  • HCMPR_LegalEntity
  • HCMGHR_StepAndGradeSchedule
  • HCMPR_TaxProviderCode


New Employee Analysis dimensions attributes

The Employee, HR Location, and Position dimensions have been updated as new attributes were added in the Model and Consumer spaces.

These are the attributes that were added to the dimensions:
  • Employee
    • NamePreferredGivenName
    • FirstDateWorked
    • LastDateWorked
    • Name Affix
    • OtherAmount1
    • OtherAmount2
    • OtherAmount3
    • OtherAmount4
    • OtherAmount5
    • LastDatePaid
  • HR Location


  • Position
    • DirectSupervisor
    • Location
    • PositionIsSupervisor
    • Union
    • GeographicDifferentialCode
    • PaymentSchedule
    • BargainingUnit
    • Job ID
    • HROrganizationUnit
    • ChartAccountAccount
    • ShortDescription


New Talent Acquisition dimensions attributes

The Candidate, Job Application, and Job Requisition dimensions have been updated as new attributes were added in the Model and Consumer spaces.

These are the attributes that were added to the dimensions:

  • Candidate
    • NameGivenName
    • NameFamilyName
  • Job Application
    • Salary
    • Job Requisition Workflow Step
    • Source
  • Job Requisition
    • ATSWorkflow
    • RequisitionTitle
    • OpenDate
    • Union_TA
    • DateMovedToCurrentStatus


Process - Work Assignment History Fact table enhancement

Join conditions have been added to the Process - Work Assignment History Fact table between Employee-related and Education level and Work Assignment records.

These model changes have been made to the join conditions of the Select and Script statements to improve historical accuracy in the Process - Work Assignment History Fact and the Process – Work Assignment Monthly SnapShot Fact:

  • Process - Work Assignment History
    • In Select statement, join condition were modified between Employee to different tables.
    • In Script statement, new fields were added:
      • Employee Effective From
      • Employee Effective To
      • WA Effective From
      • WA Effective To
      • Employee Is Current Record
      • WA Is Current Record
      • From Relationship Status Key
      • From Relationship To Organization Key
      • From Shift
      • To Relationship Status Key
      • To Relationship To Organization Key
      • To Shift
      • Relationship Status Change
      • Relationship To Organization Change
      • Shift Change
      • Updated fields
      • Effective From
      • Effective To
  • Work Assignment Monthly Snapshot S1

    Changed Termination Date, Employee Effective Date Key in script coming from Work Assignment Monthly Snapshot S02

  • Process - Work Assignment Monthly Snapshot

    Changed the Select statement and Script all elements coming from the Work Assignment Monthly Snapshot S1