HR Talent Analytics December 2022

Employee Incidents dashboard

The Employee Safety collection now includes an Employee Incidents dashboard with these reports:

  • Employee Incidents by Nature of Injury
  • Employee Incidents by Body Parts
  • Safety Incident by Severity and Body Part
  • Employees At Risk by Position
  • Lost Time Due to Incidents
  • Employee Incidents by Illnesses and Injuries

Reports can be filtered by rank and year, month.


Data security file exemption

The GHRBIRST-PayrollAdministrator role is now exempt from all HR Organization related data security filters applied to the payroll tables.


Safety Category dashboard

The Employee Safety collection now includes a Safety Category dashboard with these reports:

  • Safety Category
  • HR Location by Incidents with Safety Category
  • Near Misses by Safety Category
  • Safety Observations by Safety Category
  • Safety Incident by Safety Category


Supervisor Chart dimension

The Supervisor Chart dimension was updated to include Supervisor Employee Name, in addition to the Supervisor Level Key and Supervisor Level Name. The Supervisor Employee Name was added to levels 1 to 10 of the Supervisor Chart dimension.

You can use the Supervisor Chart dimension to build a reporting structure by Supervisor Code and Description and the Employee Subordinate dimension to create a reporting structure by Employee Name.


Corrective Action Overview dashboard

The Corrective Action Overview dashboard was created with these reports:

  • Top Corrective Actions for a specific time period
  • Corrective Actions by Manager
  • Corrective Actions by Status
  • Corrective Actions by Type
  • Corrective Actions Waiting on Approvals


Employee WA Actions fact table

These scripts were updated to include Actor, Business Subject and reason Code fields in the Employee WA Actions fact table:

  • HCMGHR_EmployeeHistory
  • HCMEmployeeHistory S1
  • HCMEmployeeHistory
  • HCMGHR_WorkAssignmentHistory
  • HCMWorkAssignmentHistory
  • Process - Employee
  • Process - Work Assignment
  • Employee WA Action S1
  • Employee WA Action S2
  • 10. Fact Employee WA Actions


Learning and Development Collection dashboards filter

A new filter was added to the Learning and Development Collection dashboards so that users with Admin and Manager roles can view employees only within their supervisor hierarchy.

The filter has these details:

  • Has two options, All and Direct Reports, where All is the default value
  • Was added to reports and KPIs where users can view the data based on the selected Employee filter
  • \{*}Employee Key\{*} value was modified based on the specific report’s measure


Learning and Development and Overview collection dashboards updates

Drill-across functionality was added to these Learning and Development and Overview collection dashboards KPIs:

  • Total Count
  • Total Enrollments
  • Total Completions
  • Total Overdue

These reports were added to provide detailed data that supports the KPIs:

  • Overview Total Count Detail
  • Overview Completion Count Detail
  • Overview Overdue Count Detail


Learning and Development collection dashboards security update

Security filters were created to the Learning and Development collection dashboards. Except for users with GHRBirst-SecurityExemption and GHRBIRST - Learning Administrator roles, only the manager can view data of their direct reports:

  • Active Employee Key
  • Certification Employee Key
  • Dev Plan Employee Key

Users with a GHRBIRST - Direct Supervisor role are granted access to Learning and Development collection dashboard reports and CSA.


Model for Corrective Action module

Model for Corrective Action module under Employee Relation was created along with Custom Subject Area.


GHR Payroll/Payroll Overview dashboard

GHR Payroll/Payroll Overview dashboard was added with these reports:

  • Payroll by Legal Entity (Selected Period)
  • Payroll by Legal Entity (YTD)
  • Payroll by Category (Selected Period)
  • Payroll by Category (YTD)