Function Booking Type

In the Function Booking Type screen, you can translate your function booking types into booking categories that are predefined by Infor EzRMS. This information is used in the analyses to display the results on a more grouped and consolidated level, such as booking category. The same booking categories, as for the Core hotel section of the system are used.

The Function Booking Type configuration screen has these columns:

Function Booking Type*

Function booking code that is extracted directly from the Sales & Catering system. It cannot be edited in Infor EzRMS.


Function booking type description. This field can be edited in Infor EzRMS.

Booking Category

The booking category that is allocated to the function booking type.

These are the predefined categories:
  • Definite
  • Guaranteed
  • Unguaranteed
  • Tentative
  • Option
  • Empty: For booking types that represent lost or canceled business, such as, Cancellation, Denial, or Refused booking.

Currently not in use. If production is received against a function booking type that is mapped as not valid, this will still be reported.