Data Flow

Files added to snapshot for Opera Sales and Catering (S&C) data integration.

Opera Sales and Catering

Requirements: On-premises Opera V5

For hotels that use Infor EzRMS Function Space in conjunction with S&C, Infor EzRMS extracts files from S&C on a daily basis. These files are extracted after the night audit process is completed in the PMS system. They are included in the same snapshot that Infor EzRMS receives for the property.

Blocks are extracted from the S&C system only when there is at least one event that is attached to the block. If there is a block with only accommodation and no catering events, it is not considered as a function space data; the production is only reported in the Core section of Infor EzRMS.

The files received from Opera Sales and Catering include these details:

  • On the books function space bookings with event level details.
  • Transaction revenue figures once invoices are completed.
  • Configuration details:
    • Function Space Rooms
    • Function Space Combo Rooms
    • Function Space Booking Type
    • Function Space Cancellation Types
    • Function Space Event Types
    • Function Space Room Setup
    • Function Space Presold Packages