Function Event Type

The setup of the function space is extracted directly from the Sales & Catering system. This configuration relates to the various event types that can be attached to a function room. It also determines what event will take place, such as, lunch, and reception drinks.

The Function Event Type configuration screen has these columns:

Function Event Type*

Function event code that is extracted directly from the Sales & Catering system. This field cannot be amended in Infor EzRMS.


Function event name that is extracted from the Sales and Catering system. This field can be manually amended in Infor EzRMS.

Function Macro Event Type

With this field, you can group the function event types, if required. For example, F&B, Meeting Space, etc. The field is configurable directly in Infor EzRMS.

Function Bucket

Currently not in use.

In Inventory

Similar to function space configuration, there is an In Inventory flag available for function event types. You can use it to determine whether a function event is in inventory or not. This impacts the analyses that the property runs. You can, for example, exempt certain function events from the analysis, that is, take out from occupancy related analyses (surface, delegates, etc.). Regardless of the flag, revenues are always accounted for.

The flag has these meanings:
  • In Inventory = Yes: The associated event is included in the analysis.
  • In Inventory = No: The associated event is not included in the analysis.