Quoting Series

In order to access the EzQUOTE, click Group Quotation link in the menu on the left hand side of the EzRMS screen.

  1. Select Group Quotation > New Series Quotation.
  2. Complete all the relevant fields refer to New Group Quotation for description. Few more fields are described below :
    Start Date
    Indicates the first day of arrival for the first group in the tour series.
    End Date

    Indicates the last night on which the last group of the tour series will be staying.

    Day of Week
    These fields allow you to select the days (nights) on which the groups in the series will be staying.
  3. Click Quote Now to quote the tour series and a screen as displayed below will appear. Details of the tour series are broken down in a grid format. Included are the numbers of days, by day of week,which the tour series affects for the duration of the series:
    Option Description
    Start Date The Start date of the first group for this part of the series.
    End Date The End date of the first group for this part of the series.
    Day Of Week Indicates the day of the week the group from this series will be staying.
    Number of Nights The total number of nights (of the day specified i.e. Thursday) that is required by the series.
    Number of Rooms The number of rooms per night that is required for each of the Days Of Week.
    Number of Guests The number of guests per night that is required for each of the Days Of Week.
    Room Category The Room Category preference for each part of the series.
    Presolds The details of room rate and additional or inclusive packages for each part of the Series.
    Edit / Delete Quotation

    Allows you to edit or delete a specific part of the quotation. Once all details have been verified, click once on the Quote Now button to quote the tour series. The size and duration of the tour series will influence the time taken to quote the deal.

  4. A new screen with additional information is displayed:
    Screen Details
    The name of the Series appears at the very top of the screen, underneath which you will find the table with full details. The Series details are displayed by day of week and by presold revenues.
    Additional Revenue
    This section shows the following details:
    Option Description
    Total Additional Occupancy

    Indicates the total extra number of room nights that will be produced by accepting this series. To view the details on additional occupancy, click on the blue hyperlink.

    Additional Relocations

    Indicates the forecasted number of relocations if this series is accepted. To view the daily details of this displacement in a further table, click on the blue hyperlink.

    Additional Revenue

    Shows the additional revenue that is forecasted to be made (or lost) by accepting the series as they were quoted. To view the daily details of this revenue gain / loss in a detailed table, click on the blue hyperlink.

    Minimum Room Rate Gives you the room rate at which the series should be taken - per day for the duration of the tour series.
    Max. Number of Rooms Refers to the maximum number of rooms that could be accommodated at the quoted rate per day, for the duration of the series, in order for the series to be profitable.
    Accept Should you wish to validate and accept this group, click once on 'Accept'.
    Detailed Additional Revenue
    This table is a unique feature of Ez-QUOTE as it gives an evaluation of the impact of each day that the series are looking to be staying in your hotel. It displays in detail.
    Option Description
    DOW Indicates the day of week for which the details are displayed.
    Date Displays the calendar date of which the details are shown.
    Events Displays any Special Events for that date if you have entered into Event Management in EzRMS.
    Revenue Gain / Loss

    This figure indicates if you will make a revenue gain or loss on the specific day. Revenue gain is displayed in green and revenue loss highlighted in red.

  5. If you are satisfied with all the details, you can confirm the quotation by clicking on the Accept button and validating your Series Quotation.

    If you have the Ez-REGION module, you will be able to quote for alternative hotels form the beginning, when selecting this option when quoting. This will allow you to evaluate the impact of placing the group in one of your alternative hotels

    Once you have quoted, you will be able to re-quote by selecting an alternative hotel and click on the Quote Alternative button.