Booking dashboard

This report is designed in order to give hotel teams a clear overview of their daily On-The-Books and Forecast status for the current month or for any selected month in the next twelve months.

Report can be customized to display data including or excluding Tentative Bookings.

This report shows the below analyses:
  • Day: shows the booking date.
  • DOW: shows the day when the booking is done.
  • Forecast: number of occupied rooms forecasted by EzRMS. For past dates this figure will be the same as the actual result of the date.
  • Results 1 Year Ago : number of occupied rooms for the same day of week (not same date) of the previous year.
  • Diff. %: forecast minus results 1 year ago.
  • Bookings: number of occupied rooms on-the-books, including Guaranteed, Unguaranteed, Definite and Tentative bookings.
  • S.P.I.T. 1 Year Ago: on-the-books situation at the same time last year (same day of week).
  • Diff. %: bookings minus SPIT 1 year ago.
  • Total: there is always a line with the total at the bottom of the table.
  • Level: there is a table below the dashboard which explains each color seen in the Difference %columns. The aim is to highlight visually the days where there are higher variances.
  • Date: if you click on the dates (blue hyperlink); it will take you to the Detailed Daily View of that date.

    You can select the month of your choice by using the drop down box below and then clicking on Update Now.