Revenue dashboard

This report was designed in order to be able to give hotel teams a report that would give them a complete snapshot of what is going on in the hotel. The data includes what they have On-The-Books, what they had at the same time last year, the EzRMS forecast, the results a year ago, and Budget (if the hotel uses the Ez-BUDGET module).

The analysis types shown are the occupancy, the ADR, Room Physical RevPAR, Room Revenue per Guest, Room Presold and Capacity. You can decide if the taxes should be excluded or included.

All of these figures are first shown in a summary table for the whole month, and then broken down by day.

This report can be customized, and each user can choose to display or not some of the parameters we will describe below:

  • Dynamic Rack Code: this line shows the dynamic rack code that is saved in EzRMS and if uploaded,would be sent into the PMS and/or CRS.
  • Dynamic Rack: this line shows the dynamic rack value. The value shown is by default the one of the lowest Room Category, but it can be changed to another Room Category.
  • On The Books: this section depicts the current booking situation taken directly from the PMS. The following figures are displayed:
    • On-The-Books: number or rooms on the books including all statuses excluding Options and Wait-list.
    • Physical Occupancy: occupancy % based on full capacity excluding Option and Wait-list bookings.
    • Definite (G+D+U): all definite business, meaning all Guaranteed, Unguaranteed and Definite business.
    • Tentative: all Tentative Business.
    • Wait-list: all Wait-list bookings.
    • Transient/Group: all individual reservations and bookings that have more then one room attached to it.
    • Picked-up: the number of reservations taken from the Block.
    • Allotment: the number of rooms that are associated to the allotment but not picked up yet.
    • OTB Variations (1 Day): this shows the booking movement yesterday.
    • OTB Variations (2 Days): this shows the booking movement between 2 days ago and today.
    • OTB Variations (7 Days): this shows the booking movement between 7 days ago and today.
    • OTB Variations (14 Days): this shows the booking movement between 14 days ago and today.
    • OTB Variations (4 Weeks): this shows the booking movement between 4 weeks ago and today.
    • Available To Sell: the number of rooms available to sell in the hotel for that date.
    • Available to Sell S.P.I.T 1 Year Ago: shows the number of rooms on the books for the same day (of week) one year ago.
  • Forecast: This section allows you to see some forecasts for the date in question. The following figures will be shown:
    • Forecast: the number of rooms forecast to be sold for each specific date.
    • Forecast Physical Occupancy Percentage: shows the forecast occupancy percentage based on the total hotel count.
    • Forecast ADR: forecast ADR (Average Daily Rate).
    • Forecast RevPAR: forecast Room RevPAR.
  • Events: this section shows any Special Events that might be taking place and that might have an impact on either the booking situation or the forecast.
  • Allotments: this section displays the allotment information.
  • Ez-COMPETE Competitor Rate Grid: this table allows hotel teams to see a quick overview of what the cheapest rates are that the competition as well as their own hotel is selling on their brand site.
  • Displayed Month: by default, the report will be run for the current month, but this can be changed to a past or future month.
  • Room Category: by default, all room categories are selected. However, this section allows to look at the report by room category, showing the data only for the room category selected.