Contract Quotations

This screen displays the full overview of all contracts added to EzCONTRACT. All contracts can be accessed and a lot of information is available from this screen.

You can view the following columns:


All contracts are quoted.

Quarter (or other period)

The periods defined in the configuration, by which contracts will be broken down.


The number of rooms produced by this contract.

Physical %

The average Physical Occupancy percentage that this company has contributed to during stays.


Both Room and Total Revenue produced by this contract.

The Average Daily Rate produced by this contract:
  • Minimum: The rate to break this contract.
  • Opportunity: The difference between the ADR and the minimum.
Additional Occupancy
This shows you the number of additional rooms that this contract produced.
  • Ratio: Shows the percentage of room nights that this company produced that were additional room nights.
Additional Revenue
This shows you the additional revenue that this contract produced.
  • Ratio: Shows the percentage of revenue that this company produced that was additional revenue.
Additional Relocation

Shows the amount of rooms that were relocated because of this contract.

Reference Snapshot
Shows the last snapshot that was loaded before the analysis was generated. A new analysis can be generated at any time, in order to give you a more up-to-date overview of the contract.

In order to view details about the contract, click the menu again and you the following options are displayed :


This link gives access for the graphs in the Bookings Section for this contract.

Quotation Analysis

This link gives you quick access to the Analysis menu for this contract.


This link gives you access for the Dashboard designed to give you all information about the contract condensed into one screen.

Re-quote Not up to date Parts On Contract

This option re-quotes parts that are not up-to-date as per the last Snapshot.

Re-quote Displayed Parts On Contract

This option re-quotes parts that are displayed in the current screen.

Quote Unquoted Part On Contract

This updates new parts that are added to the contract or parts that are not quoted.

Re-quote Only Future Parts On Contract

This option ignores data that is in history and only re-quotes all future dates based on the latest snapshot and data.

Contract Details

This takes you to the contract details for this contract. It will allow you to modify the initial selection as defined when the contract was created.


This option will delete this contract.