Allotment dashboard

This report is designed in order to give hotel teams a clear overview of what main allotments they have in their PMS.

This report can be customized, and each user can choose to display or not some of the parameters we will describe below.

The following information is displayed in this report:

  • Dynamic Rack Code: these lines show the Dynamic Rack Code and value that is saved in EzRMS and if uploaded would be sent into the PMS and/or CRS.
  • Allotments: this section depicts the current booking situation taken directly from the PMS. The following figures are displayed:
    • Initial: the initial number of rooms blocked for this allotment.
    • Block: the actual number of rooms that are associated to the allotment but not picked up yet.
    • Pickup: the actual number of reservations taken from the allotment.
      Note: The default number of allotments displayed can be: top 3, top 5, top 10 and top 20.
  • Events: This section shows any Special Events that might be taking place and that might have an impact on either the booking situation or the forecast.