Real-time optimization

Infor EzRMS can now receive data from the property management systems (PMS) in real time. The feature is designed to provide revenue managers with a forecast and recommendations based on the latest data captured throughout the day by Infor EzRMS.

Real-time optimization allows Infor EzRMS to react quickly to changes happening during the day instead of having to wait until the next night audit optimization. Recommendations optimized during the day let users handle more efficiently their revenue management strategy, price positioning and inventory restrictions.

Multiple automated uploads throughout the day are possible to ensure the most relevant strategy is always implemented across all the distribution channels.

This optional feature requires a PMS with Infor EzRMS real-time capabilities.

Real-time optimization allows Infor EzRMS to observe throughout the day the property's usual demand patterns on any day and lead time. Real-time optimization optimizes throughout the day when the demand received since the last night audit is outside the property usual demand patterns. This is done for the whole forecast horizon.

Forecasts, such as occupancy and arrivals as well as recommendations, such as rate, restriction and overbooking are reprocessed based on the latest information from the PMS.

Upon enabling the real-time optimization functionality, you can take advantage of additional analyses and enhanced property status.