Competitor Analysis module

The Competitor Analysis module is a decision support tool enabling an automated and comprehensive insight into pricing behavior throughout all online channels.
Note: A third party feed of data is required for the Competitor Analysis module.

Once you logged into Infor EzRMS, the Competitor Analysis can be opened from the top menu. Click its icon and open the sub-menu that contains these module’s options:

  • Competitor Dashboard: A dashboard that shows an overview by month of the cheapest rates that the competition and your property are selling for a selected channel.
  • Alerts: Provides a full month view by day. It can be fully customized using filters and analysis to show rates for any site or competitor. It can show Alerts and Minimum or Maximum rates; rules for this need to be set first in the module configuration. It can also allow for multi-month reporting, with the months appearing as tabs above the header of the table.
  • Site Analysis: It provides a comparison between your dynamic rack and Recommended MIN rate against selling rates across the different distribution channels.
  • Competitor Report: Shows the latest available rates by day for your property and your competitors for your selection of distribution channels.
  • Competitor Report Changes: You can check the change in the rates across competitors and channels, both positive and negative, occurred during a given period.
  • Competitor Report Archive: Retrieve previous compared rates for different competitors and distribution channels. You can generate an “as of” report for a past date.
  • Graph: Graphically displays which rates are being sold on each channel for the next 30 days.

    The dotted line denotes the average results for the viewed period.

    As with all system graphs, you can view the exact number (or percentage) corresponding to each day (or week / month) by moving the cursor over the specific date within the graph.

  • Configuration: Using these options you can check the configuration of the Competitor Analysis module:
    • Competitor/Internet Sites: Displays competitors that are included for each distribution channel (Brand Site, Site A…).
    • Internet Sites: Shows the distribution channels that are included along with taxes (included or excluded), booking fees and commission applicable to each of them.
    • Competitor: Contains all properties that are included in the functionality and different fields for each of them; they are used only if market influenced pricing is activated. Users can edit the fields at any time. You can flag which site is the Brand Site for each competitor.

      See Market influenced pricing.

    • Rate Type: Gives a list of all rate types found. Deleted codes from past data are also displayed.
    • E-Mail Alerts: You can create E-Mail Alerts that can be used in Competitors Dashboard, Alerts or E-Mail Alerts.
    • Business Rules: Here you can create Business Rules that are used in Competitors Dashboard.