Biggest blocks and allocations

Groups and Allocations within EzRMS include all Groups and all Allotment business within the hotel. The table will show you the Group code, the number of rooms booked, the rooms remaining and the average rate. When highlighting the Group code, you will see the full group name appear in a pop-up box. In order to see more details, click on the Group code hyperlink.

The screen shows the Name of the Block or Allocation, the Release Date, the associated Market Segment, the Country of Origin, the Rate Code and Category, the Bucket, the Source of Business and if applicable the Travel Agent.

EzRMS helps hotels to dissociate the Allocated space for Groups or Allotments from the actual Booking Pickup of the business by displaying the number of rooms and the number of guests for each booking - also shown by booking status.
Note: Guaranteed / Unguaranteed: Booking status for Transient (Individual) Bookings Definite / Tentative:Booking status for Groups and / or Allotment Bookings.