Price value

You can optimize values within a defined price range with EzRMS pricing engine. Price value is a dynamic rate value recommended by EzRMS, that you can use instead of a fixed price grid.

If you have revenue manager access, then you can use the price value functionality to perform these actions:

  • Use the market price elasticity and sensitivity by pricing the property through dynamic rates instead of through predefined levels.
  • Sell at prices above or below the property defined price grid in high or low demand periods.
  • Apply inventory selling restrictions, such as length of stay or bid price, and during constrained periods. This is in addition to a dynamic price.

Price value is an optional feature that can be enabled for properties with interfaced systems supporting rate values by room type for each day. When enabled, additional configuration screens are available to customize the optimization for the property:

  • Price Floor and Ceiling
  • Price Differentials
  • Price Rounding