If you have Optional bookings that are not taken out of the inventory or room count, you will have an extra field called Options. This shows you exactly how many rooms are being held on option. These rooms are not taken into consideration in EzRMS and they are completely ignored in the on books figures.

Should you wish to access additional information, click on the hyperlink. The following allotment options are displayed:

  • Allotment: the Allotment or Block code from the PMS.
  • Description: the Group name or description.
  • Market Segment: describes the Market Segment chosen for this booking.
  • Rate Code: shows the Rate Code chosen for this booking.
  • Rate Category: shows the Rate Category linked to the Rate Code.
  • Average No. Of Rooms: gives you an average number of rooms per day.
  • Total No. Of Rooms: shows the total number of rooms that the group has requested for the duration of their stay.
  • Total No. Of Guests: shows the total number of guests that are expected for the duration of the stay.
  • No. Of Nights: indicates the number of nights that the group have requested.
  • First Day: the requested date of arrival.
  • Last Day: the requested date of departure.
  • Source Of Business: the Source of Business for this group.
  • Distribution Channel: the distribution Channel linked to the Source of Business.
  • Travel Agent: if a Travel Agent was involved, it would be displayed here.
  • Reservation Agent: shows the Reservation Agent that took the booking.