Creating quick new contract

You can create a contact based on one company profile (or other dimension) that has a high production.

A new contract is created for every Dimension and user cannot combine multiple profiles into one contract. You can create the contracts based on the parts selected:

  1. Select Contract > Quick New Contracts.
  2. Specify the following information in the different fields:
    The Profiles that will be displayed will be the top producing Accounts based on Room Night or Revenue production. This option allows you to select the criteria.
    First Day
    The start of the period being analyzed.
    Last Day
    The end date of the period being analyzed.
    Here you can define the number of Profiles or dimensions being shown.
  3. You can view the newly created contract in the contract quotations screen. In the same screen you can view the contract details. The following options are available for contracts that allows user to quote (or
    Re-quote Not up to date Part on Contract
    This option re-quotes parts of contracts that are not up-to-date as per the last Snapshot.
    Re-quote Displayed Parts on Contract
    This option re-quotes only the parts that are currently displayed.
    Re-quote Only Future Parts on Contracts
    This updates new parts that are added to contracts or parts that are not quoted. The best option to select when Contract Evaluation is: Quote Unquoted Parts on Contract is not quoted. This option is used when the production this year, is similar to last year and if the ADR remains the same too. If the production and/or ADR is different compared to the previous year, then you must change the view.
    Contract Details
    This option ignores any data that is in history and only re-quotes all future dates based on the latest snapshot and data for all contracts.
  4. You can change the parameters of the contract quotations using the following options:
    Allows you to change the date range for which data is displayed in the Contract Quotations overview.
    Allows you to select a single contract by selecting Details and then the Contract.
    Allows you to choose what parts you want to see.
    Allows you to select if you want to see detailed data and/or data with or without total.
    Allows you to filter on a name or word or part of it.
    With Description
    Allows you to see the description of the different contracts in addition to the name.
    With Evolution
    Allows you to see the increase or decrease forecast for this contract compared to the previous year.
  5. You can modify the volume of room nights and/or the ADR, by selecting the specific contract from the Contract selection box and change Total from only to With or Without.
    1. The screen displays the contract details. Click Edit Contract Part option.
    2. You can modify the contract with the following options:
      Cost associated with winning this contract.
      The commission that potentially needs to be paid to third parties.
      Tick this box if the contract is based on Last Room Availability.
      Based On
      Allows you to select if you want to modify the data based on an evolution on the production of last year, manually entering data, but using the same booking patterns as last year or defining new patterns from scratch.
      Occupancy Evolution
      Is the percentage increase or decrease on occupancy compared to the previous year.
      ADR Evolution
      Is the percentage increase or decrease of the ADR compared to the previous year.
  6. Selecting Target / Same Pattern as Y-1 or New Target allow you to define the room nights and revenue yourself.
  7. You can choose the option Quote Unquoted Parts on Contract, for EzRMS to run the calculations.