This module was designed in order to allow you to evaluate any kind of contracted business that you either had in the past, currently have in the hotel or are looking to take in the future. Contracted business is an important part of the business for a lot of hotels and it has always been an important focus. A lot of hotels have struggled to understand what is the right business for them and a lot of hoteliers to this day do not really know what is the real added value that a contract brings to the hotel. Ez-CONTRACT allows you to not only evaluate the production of your contracts, it allows you to analyse the true additional value for the hotel.

The Ez-CONTRACT module can be set-up using any dimensions in EzRMS which allows you almost complete flexibility when it comes to creating contracts. For the creation of the user guides we have used a set-up using Company Groups.

In order to be able to quote you will need to create your periods in Configuration first. These periods can be defined only once, so you need to carefully decide how you define them as once they have been defined for your hotel, they cannot be changed. In our demo system we have set-up Quarters,this means that you can make adjustments to your contract by quarter. For example if you believe that the Company that you are evaluating the contract for will produce less during the 2nd quarter, because last year they had a big project during this period, you can make the modification just for this quarter.