Form Details


This option allows you to choose the budget to display.

First Displayed Day

This option allows you to select the first day of the period that you would like to display.

Analysis Type

Lets you select the information that you would like to display. This list is identical to the list in the menu bar on the left hand side of the screen.

Detail Level
This option gives you a unique choice of how you would like to view your information, Not only are you able to look at day by day details, you can also look at and compare weekly and monthly averages and totals. There are 9 different levels of detail that you can choose:
  • Day: Daily breakdown of the information for one month in the future.
  • Week: Daily breakdown of the information for a 13 week period.
  • Week Average: Weekly average or total figures for a 26 week period.
  • Month: Daily breakdown of the information for a 6 month period.
  • Month Average: Monthly average or total figures for a 12 month period.
  • Quarter Average: Average of 3 months of information combined.
  • Year: Monthly average or total figures for a 24 month period.
  • User Defined Period: Daily breakdown of the information from and to the required dates.
  • Financial Period Average: Average for the hotels financial period, if this differs from calendar months.
This option allows you to choose the view of the graph:
  • Detail (default): Display stacked columns with dimension details
  • Total: One line with accumulated results,
  • Dimension comparison: One line for each dimension level allows comparison between different dimension criteria.
This option allows you to overlay up to 3 data comparisons.
  • Comparison is possible with a same time period starting from a Selected Date.
  • Comparison is also possible with bookings, another budget, forecast and Competitors Set from the Bench, when active.

Click on the generated graph to display a data table with a percentage comparison.

Room Category

This will be always default to "All" room categories but you can select a specific Room Category in the drop down menu. Select a room category and click on Update Now.

There are various options to choose from:
  • Bucket
  • Room Category
  • Day of Week
  • Season
  • Rate Grid
  • Event
  • Event Type

When selecting any dimension a sub-section will appear, from which you can select any item by clicking on any of the listed elements. Dimensions can be viewed by Top 3, Top 5, and so on, or individually. Using Shift and the arrow keys more than one option can be displayed on the same graph. In order to highlight random options of a specific dimension, hold the control key down and click with your mouse to make your selections. Furthermore this information can be broken down by room categories.

Ticking the split by dimension box will display the chosen dimension information on one graph, split by color. The key, shown beneath the graph, will also display the totals or averages for the period. As detailed above this information can very easily be saved or printed out in a graphical format.

Alternatively, left clicking anywhere on the graph will export the analysis into a grid format. To export this into Excel, click once on the copy icon on the top right corner of the grid and paste into Excel.

Additional Criteria

This option allows you to set a filter by dimension. Should the user need to analyze budgeted rooms per bucket. Under the Analysis Type highlight budgeted rooms, then Bucket in the Dimension field. Use the drop box thereafter to view either all, top 3 buckets, top 5 buckets or per bucket. To view more than one bucket, use the shift and highlight the relevant buckets.

Change or update the required analysis and click once on 'Update Now' to view.