Graphs overview

The data in EzRMS can be shown either in a graphic or table format.

To show the information in a table format, click Link > Figures. To change the layout of the report, click More > Reverse Table. You can have the dates either at the top of the report or on the left hand side of the report.

Click Link to > Graphs module to open the Graphs module.

You have these sections available in a graphic format:

Filter Criteria
View all the filters currently used for the analysis.

To open the Change Parameters window and set the filter criteria, click Hotel notesFilter.

View the exact number (or percentage) corresponding to each day, week, or month by moving the cursor over the specific date within the graph.

Hover the cursor over the colored horizontal grids to check the Special Events and Season for a particular day. The Seasons are displayable for all detailed analysis, including monthly, weekly and yearly analysis.

The dark line in the graphs denotes the hotel maximum room capacity, this is always 100%. The dotted line in the graphs denotes the average results for the viewed period.

In real time the hotel can modify different parameters to change the graphs and analysis type displayed.

Click More and select Copy Data To Clipboard or Export as TSV.