EzRMS defines events within 6 main event categories.

The event categories are:

  • INTERNAL: events occurring within the hotel.
  • EXTERNAL: events outside the hotel, which still have effect on the standard business.
  • UNIQUE: one-off events i.e. Death of a Monarch etc.
  • INFORMATIVE: just used for informative purposes but have no effect on the business.
  • PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: events related to a public holiday. EzRMS will have a look at the date and not the day of week i.e. NYE etc.
  • HOLIDAY PERIOD: events related to a holiday event. EzRMS will have a look at the day of week.

    EzRMS automatically displays Events of the same category for the relevant 3month period.

    You can manage the events directly from this screen by clicking on the Link icon.

    • New Event: create a New Event from this screen.
    • Event Management : brings you to the Event Management screen where you can create, delete or modify events.

    Click on BACK to return to the Detailed Daily View.