This table shows the icons that you use to perform various actions in EzRMS:

Note: Some icons are available only for hotels that have the Ez-REGION module.
Icon Description
Status updated EzRMS is fully updated for a particular hotel. Access the status of your hotel and go to the re-forecast option.
Hotel notes View, edit or create notes at the hotel level.
Specify user hotel Specify a hotel the user has access to.
Specify regional hotel Specify a regional hotel.
Home Home.
Favorites Favorites. List of reports saved on previous occasions.
Opportunities module. Access the Opportunities module.
Dashboard module Access the Dashboard module.
Graphs module Access the Graphs module.
Reports module Access the Reports module.
Special Events module Access the Special Events module.
Audit module Access the Audit module.
Configuration module Access the Configuration module.
Upload of Controls module Access the Upload of Controls module.
Competitor Analysis module Access the Competitor Analysis module.
Budget module Access the Budget module.
Group and Contract Quotations for regional hotels Access Group Quotations and Contract Quotations for all hotels of your Region.
Default parameters Access Page Default Parameters and Activate Temporarily Merge Cell on Main Page for all hotels.
Best Opportunities List of Best Opportunities for selected hotel.
Print Print current page.
Link to Link to modules