Creating a new user

To create a new user in EzRMS follow these steps:
Note: You can also open a ticket by logging into the Infor Concierge portal to create a new user.
  1. Reach out to your administrator and ask them to create an Infor EzRMS login for you.
    Once a new user ID is created, a system generated email is sent to your email address with a secure link to create a new password.
  2. Click the link received by email. You will be redirected to a screen where you can create a new password.
  3. Create a password which meets these conditions:
    • Has a minimum 8 and maximum 16 characters in length.
    • Contains one uppercase letter.
    • Contains one lowercase letter.
    • Contains one number.
    • Contains one special character (? /$<>~`!@#%^&*()+-={}:;,._).
  4. Re-enter the same password to confirm.
  5. Click Save New Password.
    Once the new password is created successfully you can log in to EzRMS with the new password.