Wait-list Analysis

Here we can see all the bookings in waitlist, the ones highlighted in red are the reservations that should be taken because they have a room rate higher than the Bid Price, therefore would increase our potential revenue. Clicking on the Date hyperlink, you can see the detailed daily view as we have seen before.

Option Description
Res No .

This is the confirmation number as found in the PMS, mapped over into EzRMS. To be used as a reference for either converting or rejecting this reservation.

Date of Reservation The date on which the waitlist reservation was made in the PMS.
Arrival Date This is the arrival date of the waitlisted reservation.
No. of Rooms This field displays the number of rooms that are currently on waitlist for that reservation.
No. of Guests This number displays the total number of guests attached to the relevant waitlist reservation.
No. of Nights The total number of room nights is displayed under the number of nights.
Room Type This is the Room Type under which the reservation has been booked.
Room Category Here EzRMS displays the Room Category under which the waitlist reservation has been booked.
Distribution Channel This is the Distribution Channel under which the reservation has been booked.
Reservation Source This is the Reservation Source under which the reservation has been booked if applicable.
Market Segment Mapped from the PMS, this is the Market Segment, to which the Waitlist reservation is attached.
Rate Code The rate code is mapped form the reservation details of the waitlist reservation.
Rate Bucket This field displays the EzRMS Rate Bucket in which the waitlist reservation will be mapped if converted into a reservation.
Presold / Night This is the total value of the reservation as defined by the rate code, and the total number of room nights.
LOS Bid Price The LOS Bid Price indicates the bid price on offer for the dates of the waitlisted reservation.
Revenue Opportunity

The Revenue Opportunity is based off the difference between the Presold Revenue and the LOS bid Price for that waitlist reservation. Reservations highlighted in red indicate a revenue opportunity or gain if taken on their presold rate, while those that are not highlighted indicate a loss. Taking them on the LOS Bid Price is the break-even rateto convert these bookings into reservations on the books.

Reservation Agent EzRMS maps over from the PMS the initials of the Reservation Agents who has made and placed the reservation on waitlist option.
Travel Agent This will show the Travel Agent name and code attached to the reservation if applicable.
Company This will show the Company name and code attached to the reservation if applicable.
Allotment This will show the Allotment attached to the reservation if applicable.
Country This will show the Country code attached to the reservation if applicable.
Note: Clicking on any of the blue underlined headings will sort the list out according to that option.

Most information that is presented in a grid format throughout EzRMS, Ez-Quote and Ez-Region will have a copy icon on the left corner of the grid. To export into Excel, right click once on the copy data icon (displayed as two small note pages). Open Excel, left click once and chose the option paste. Any colour bars displayed in EzRMS are not transposed over when exporting. From here the information can be edited according to the user needs.