Configuration Options

Configuration allows you to investigate the configuration of the system. It includes information extracted from the PMS.
Note: Only users with Revenue Managers rights have access to this section.

The following options are enlisted under Configuration module:

  • Room Categories: In the EzRMS concept we define a Room Category as a Product Type -NOT a Room Type (there is no differentiation between Single, Double or Twin rooms). Room categories contain room types with comparable Rack Rate values. This field displays the room categories as displayed in EzRMS.
  • Room Types: This field shows the mapping of the PMS room types in the EzRMS room categories. Included is the PMS description and the number of rooms per room type.
  • Market Segments: Mapped over from the hotels PMS system are the Market Segments with description. Information on old market segments are retained and 'replaced' (mapped) into existing market segments.
  • Rate Categories: This field defines the hotel rate categories as displayed in the PMS and their mapping into the EzRMS rate buckets.
  • Rate Codes: This field gives a listing of all the hotel rate codes, their description, market segment and rate category as defined in the PMS and into which EzRMS rate bucket they are mapped. All rate codes, included deleted codes from history are displayed. Click once on the blue, underlined rate code to reveal the rate code details (actual rate and validity).
  • Rack Rates: Here the PMS Rack Rate and the PMS minimum rate (both for single occupancy) are displayed. This is used to define the boundaries between the moving of the Bid Price recommended by EzRMS.
  • Dynamic Rack: This field gives a listing of different rate codes along with different rate (USD) for room categories. This is used to define the rate in USD for room categories (Suite, Club, Luxury,Superior) as recommended by EzRMS.
  • Dynamic Rack Validities: This field shows the Dynamic Rack for the particular month selected fora given year. It also gives a validity graph for the same period with variations in rate codes. The screen also lists the special events and holidays for the selected month.
  • Shared Rate Codes: This displays if the PMS has any rate codes defined for Split guest, i.e. two guests registered under different names sharing a room, with the rate only attached to one guest.
  • Buckets: This is a list of the perimeters by which the hotel rate buckets are built in EzRMS. A rate bucket should be composed of Rate Codes having comparable rate values.
  • Booking Types: This screen displays the mapping of the PMS booking types into the EzRMS booking categories. Forecasts produced by EzRMS will take into account the quality of the bookings (is it a guaranteed booking? is it a tentative booking? is it a definite booking?) in the calculation of the wash factor / materialization rate of the reservations on the books. Hence group bookings (tentative and definite) need to be defined differently to those of individuals (guaranteed and unguaranteed).
  • Cancellation Reasons: This is confirmation of the cancellation reasons with the description as defined in the hotel PMS.
  • Relocation Codes: This is the hotel's specific reason in the PMS used to identify guests which have been booked out or walked.
  • Relocation Costs: The relocation cost represents the average cost incurred by the hotel when booking out a guest. Apart for the room charge, this cost includes any compensation, transport and incidentals that the booked out hotel is responsible for.
  • Denial Types: This is confirmation of the denial types with their description as defined in the hotel PMS.
  • Revenue Categories: EzRMS forecasts will be produced at the Revenue Category level. EzRMS offers the possibility to group the PMS Posting codes in up to 5 RMS Revenue Categories. In addition to the 3 predefined EzRMS categories (ROOM, F&B, OTHER), a hotel may define 2 additional Revenue Categories. In each category will be grouped a number of posting codes having the similar average profit percentage and similar fixed cost.
  • Posting Codes: This field displays the PMS Posting Codes into the EzRMS Revenue Categories.
  • Discount Codes: This field displays the reasons for the discounting along with discount codes.
  • Origin: This filed displays the listing of origin type code along with the description for hotel type.
  • Reservation Source: This option displays the reservation source code and description for the selected macro source.
  • Loyalty Program:
  • Source of Business: It describes the type of business source along with the description.
  • Distribution Channels: This screen groups the hotels channels of distribution into categories for whicEzRMS will display history and on-the-books analyses.
  • Distribution Costs: EzRMS will produce Recommendations for each Distribution System to which the hotel is connected. These are displayed as either a cost or commissionable amount.
  • Countries: Information mapping from the hotel PMS. In dept analysis can be viewed from Historic Analysis.
  • States: This table shows how the States from the PMS are mapped into the EzRMS States.
  • Company: This table shows company profile as mapped from PMS into EzRMS.
  • Travel Agent:This table shows different types of travel agent as mapped from PMS into EzRMS.
  • Allotment: This table shows company profile allotment as mapped from PMS into EzRMS.
  • Currencies: This table shows the information mapping for currencies from the hotel PMS.
  • Financial Periods: Information on the definition of the Financial Periods that are used by the hotel. This option only allies to hotels that use Financial Periods that are different to the Calendar Months.
  • Complimentary Type: This table shows the information mapping for complimentary type from the hotel PMS.
  • Rate Grid: This table shows the information mapping for rate grid from the hotel PMS.