Change Parameters

Click on the Funnel icon to update these parameters for all Bench Graphs and Reports.

Bench Set
Select the competitive set to display. This option is applicable if you manually entered the bench set data in the system.
Last Displayed Day
This option allows you to select the last day of the period that you would like to display. Because the graph looks at historic data, the graph should be read from right to left.
Detail Level
This option gives you a unique choice of how you would like to view your information. Not only are you able to look at day by day details, but you can also look at and compare weekly and monthly averages and totals. There are 13 different levels of detail that you can select.
Analysis Type
Enables you to select the information that you want to display. This list is identical to the list in the menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen.
This option allows you to choose from the different graph options:
  • Detail (default): Display stacked columns with dimension details
  • Total: One line with cumulative results
  • Dimension comparison: One line for each dimension level allows comparison between different dimension criteria.
This option allows you to overlay up to four data comparisons:
  • Comparison is possible with the previous years' data. The data shown is adjusted by day of week, so that you can compare like for like (Monday to Monday).
  • Comparison is also possible with data up to a chosen date.

You can change the required analysis and click Apply to view.

Click on the generated graph to display a data table with a percentage comparison.