Booking pickup

This section allows you to investigate the pickup on specific days or periods. The pickup details are a crucial factor in the EzRMS forecasts. It is very important to know when customers book in order to make the right decision at the right time. These graphs will allow you not only to investigate certain periods but also to compare them to similar periods in history or future.

Pickup Comparison
This graph allows you to investigate the booking pickup curve for a specific day or time period. In addition you will be able to add additional graphs in order to compare similar days or periods. By using the Detail Level, Room Category and Dimension options in the Change Parameters window, you will be able to investigate more in depth.

Click the Filter icon to view the Change Parameters window where you can specify the criteria to display the information.

These options are available in this module:

  • On-The-Books
  • Physical Occupancy %
  • Occupancy Percentage
  • Presold
  • Cancellations
  • Denials
  • ADR
  • RevPAR
  • Physical RevPAR
  • Dynamic Rack
  • EzRMS Dynamic Rack
  • Bid Price
  • EzRMS Bid Price
  • Occupancy/Cancellations
  • Occupancy/Denials