Bench Set Data (manual input only)

In the Bench Set Data section, you must enter your Bench data manually.

The Bench Set data you enter must exclude data from your hotel, so that you can avoid duplicating results when running comparisons.

Click Edit to show these fields:

Start date

The first date you want to include.

End date

The last date you want to include.

Bench Set

The Bench Set that contains the data you want to include.

Update Now

Click to apply the update criteria.


The date the data relates to.


The capacity of your Bench Set.


The number of rooms sold for your Bench Set during the period.

Room Revenue

The room revenue achieved for your Bench Set on the applicable date.

Hotel count

The number of hotels that reported data for the applicable day. If hotels have no reported data, then it will have an impact on the results.

Is Complete

Select this check box to confirm that all information is complete.

If you want to copy data from Excel into EzRMS, then select the ellipses (…) at each column, and select Paste.