Alternative Dates

One of the unique features of EzQUOTE is the ability to choose the range of alternative dates required - the alternatives that are quoted can be defined by you.

As a default, the day before and day after, as well as the week before and the week after will be quoted - these will then be displayed for any group quotation when selecting the Quote Alternative Dates option. The dates can be changed by the user to any other alternative dates required at any time.

To change the alternative dates, check one of the unchecked boxes in the select column to select an additional date or click on one of the boxes with a √ to remove this option from the alternative date options.

Although as many alternative dates required can be selected, we recommend that not more than four are selected at one time in order to reduce the calculation time and to improve the analysis results.

Once the preferred alternative dates have been selected, click on the Validate button and the selections will be confirmed.