Defining the price differentials

If you have revenue manager access, then you must use the import functionality to define the floor andceiling for a room category, period or for days of week.

  1. Click the Import icon to open the Import Price Differentials window.
  2. Use the More icon and select Copy Data to Clipboard to export the header and the required format for each cell.
  3. Define the required price differentials by period, day of week and price and for each room type.
  4. Copy the header only, along with the definition, paste this in the input box and click Continue to complete the import.
A success message is displayed, and the screen is updated. If any of the defined elements do not follow the expected format, then an error is raised.
Note: You can adjust the values of the price differentials or delete any of the lines. To adjust the start or end date, the days of week or the from price, the import functionality must be used.