Quoting a Group

After entering all the group details under the option 'New Group Quotation' and clicking on the 'Create Group' button, the following screen will appear.

This is a confirmation of the group details, including a graph of days, with the shoulder days either side,over which the group have requested rooms. Below the graph you will find the Rate Grid, Season and Special Events listed to help you in identifying any important events that you might have overlooked.

Should you need to amend or change any of the details before quoting, click once on edit (highlighted in blue). You can make changes by scrolling down and amending the existing details after having pressed the edit button. If you wish to add additional details, you can click on the "Add New Part" button in order to create these.

To get a Quote, you have two choices:

  1. You can either click on the 'Quote With Alternative Dates' or 'Quote Without Alternatives'.
  2. The first option will quote the group for the requested dates, but additionally, will quote for alternative dates. Should you not wish to quote for alternative dates, please use the second option. Ez-QUOTE will calculate and display a screen similar to the one shown below.
  3. The Group Name is highlighted in Blue and forms a hyperlink. By clicking on this link, you are able to access the details, where you will be able to edit the group details if needed.
  4. A grid with the major group details will be displayed underneath the Group Name. The grid wil display the following information:
    Arrival Date
    The arrival date for each part of the group.
    Departure Date
    The departure date for each part of the group.
    Number of Nights
    The number of nights that each part of the group will be staying.
    Number of Rooms
    The number of rooms for each part of the group.
    Number of Guests
    The number of rooms for each part of the group.
    Room Category
    The room category preference fore each part of the group.
    The details of room rate and additional or inclusive packages for each part for the group.
  5. Click Create Group.

    Below this grid you will find a graph which shows the impact of the group on the demand in your hotel during the requested period. The business that the group brings to your hotel is shown in purple. You will see some days before and after the arrival date of the group to enable you to get a quick oveview of the demand for the period involved. In the grpah you will see the impact of the group on the demand for the days involved. The graph shows the constrained and unconstrained demand forecast before and after taking the group into account.

    Underneath the graph, you will find a table with the quotation results.

    The following information is shown in these results:

    Field Description
    Rank The ranking order in terms of the highest sum of additional revenue gain achievable.
    Arrival Dates

    Highlighted in pale pink / lilac is the date request-ed. However as a default the day before and after the requested day, as well as a week before and a week after the requested dates are quoted. By clicking on one of the dates shown, you will change the details grid at the top of the screen to these dates.

    Additional Occupancy

    The additional number of rooms that will generated during the group's duration. Clicking once on one of the numbers will produce a day by day displacement analysis (in red) per rate bucket,per room category.

    Additional Relocations

    Should there be any relocates (book-outs) forecasted over the period. Clicking once on the blue underlined figure will produce a day by day dis-placement analysis (in red) per rate bucket, per room category.

    Additional Revenue

    Based on the room rate and additional revenue entered for this group, this is the additional revenue gain that can be anticipated by taking this piece of business (Displacement figures are highlighted in red as above, day by day, per room category, per rate bucket).

    Minimum Room Rate

    This is the lowest profitable rate at which this group can be accommodated for the corresponding dates (Red indicates a rate that will have a negative impact, while green indicates a revenue gain).

    Max. Number of Rooms This figure is the maximum number of rooms that can be accommodated per night at the room rate quoted by you.
    LOS Bid Price Change
    • Room Category - this refers to the room category of which the length of stay bid price will be most affected by accepting the piece of group business being quoted.
    • Without Group - This indicates what the bid price would be if the group is not accepted. Clicking on the rate displays a Bid Price grid,with a bid price displayed day by day by room category, with and without the group.
    • With Group - This indicates what the bid price would be if the group is accepted. Clicking on the rate displays a Bid Price grid, with a bid price displayed day by day by room category,with and without the group.
  6. By using the Quote Alternative button. This option will allow you to quote for another date that you have not quoted previously. Alternatively you can select a date from the 'LOS Bid Prices' grid by clicking on the square associated with the date that you request to quote.
  7. Once the group stay has been confirmed, click once on the Accept button to validate the groupdetails. A screen like the one below will appear.
    Option Description
    Minimum Room Rate Refers to the budgeted room rate that was input originally.
    Room Rate This figure defaults to the EzQUOTE room rate. Validate the rate for which the group is to betaken in this field.
  8. Click once on Validate Now to accept. The group has now been accepted.

    If you have the Ez-REGION module, you will be able to quote for alternative hotels form the beginning, when selecting this option when quoting. This will allow you to evaluate the impact of placing the group in one of your alternative hotels.

    Once you have quoted, you will be able to re-quote by selecting the 'Quote Alternative' button. By selecting another of your hotels that have Ez-REGION, you will activate two additional fields. These fields are:
    This option will enable you to verify if it might be beneficial to split the group over two predefined hotels. By selecting best split you will allow EzRMS to choose the best split of the group between the two hotels. By selecting the User Defined split, you will be able to say how many rooms you would like to displace to the other hotel and the maximum number of rooms to keep.
    Split Cost
    This option will allow you define a cost for moving part of the group to the other hotel. This might be coach hire or other costs involved.
    Min Of Rooms To Displace
    This field allows you to enter the minimum number of rooms that you would like to displace to the other hotel.
    Max Of Rooms To Keep
    This field allows you to define the maximum number of rooms that you would like to keep in the original hotel.