Contract Quotation Comparison

Each contract is represented by a colored diamond in the Contract Quotation Comparison screen. The larger the diamond, the larger the amount of revenue the contract generates. Select this menu option to view a full diagram showing all contracts.

The contracts are plotted into the graph based on Additional Occupancy Ratio and ADR Opportunity:

Additional Occupancy Ratio
The percentage of the amount of rooms that this contract produced that were additional occupancy.
ADR Opportunity
The difference between the Contracted rate and the point of break-even (the rate at which the hotel would not have made or lost any money on the contract).

In this comparison graph, you can make modifications to the data shown by using the options below the graph. You have the following options:

The date range that will be analyzed in the graph. You have the following options:
  • No date: This will show all contact data for all dates.
  • Since: This will show the contract details since a specific date into the future.
  • Between: Will allow you to define a start and end date of the analysis.
  • Details: Will allow you to select one or more contract periods.
Quarter (or other period)
The periods defined in the configuration, by which contracts will be broken down.
This will allow you to either select all contracts or by selecting Details, you can choose the contracts that you want to analyze.
This allows you to use a text filter in order to filter out specific contracts only. If you have a contract for EzRMS and EasyJet, typing Easy will display both those contracts.
Split by:
You can split the data as follows:
  • Contract: Will break the data down by contract totals.
  • Period: Will break the data down by Contract Period.
  • Contract x Period: Will break the data down by Contract and Period.