Third-party software upgrade

Upgrade to InterFormNG 2022 R24

These areas have been enhanced in InterFormNG 2022 R24:
  • Designer - There is greater support for QR barcodes (i.e. for Swiss invoices). A new option to replace non-breakable spaces (hex A0) with spaces has been added.
  • Email - Support for email with TLS 1.2 has been added. Resolved defects include sending to multiple recipients, as well as the encoding of e-mail attachment names when non-ASCII characters are used.
  • Modules - The Advanced PDF module allows for the creation of PDF forms. In addition, there is now an export/import option for XML definitions.
  • PDF output - There are PDF files with input form fields.
  • Printing - A timeout is added on socket printer connection. A job log warning is given after 1 minute, and the print job is aborted after 10 minutes. In addition, the barcode resolution setting has been corrected in PCL output. Barcodes are no longer printed in the wrong size (half the size) on certain printer models. Printers with a higher DPI setting of 600 are now supported.
  • Other - The remote print client now has its own web interface for configuration. The Spool2XML documentation, now included in the InterFormNG manual, has been improved.
Note: InterFormNG 2022 R24 only runs on Java 1.8. You can only install and run this version (and future versions) on AS400/iSeries/IBM i. For InterFormNG running on the IBM i platform, the IFORMNG subsystem supports up to 100 active jobs as the default. This is only relevant for users of Spool2XML.

The InterFormNG 2022 R24 installer is packaged in Infor EDI Print Agent 12.0.10. Customers who manage the administration of InterFormNG must obtain a new license to perform the InterFormNG upgrade. In the interim, you can generate a 7-day test license for InterFormNG.