Reprinting a print job

To reprint a print job:

  1. Select Printing > Print Jobs.
  2. Select one or more print jobs from the list or click the Drill down button of a print job.
  3. To reprint a print job, you can select one of these options from the Reprint drop-down list:
    • Reprint: When you use this option, the documents are printed on the defined default printer. In the dialog box Reprint Print Job click Yes. A notification displays that the print job has been reprinted. The number in the Number of Reprints column is incremented by one.
    • Reprint on Selected Printer: When you use this option, you can select different printers, if several printers are defined. In the dialog box Printer Selection, a list of available printers that are defined in the code list Printers is shown. Select the printer that must be used to reprint the documents and click OK. A message is shown that the selected documents are reprinted.