Reviewing the print job log entries

In the detail view of the Print Jobs page, you can view the log entries of a print job on the Print Job Log Entries tab.

To review the print job log entries:

  1. Select Printing > Print Jobs.
  2. Click the Drill down button of a print job.
  3. On the Print Job Log Entries tab, review this information:
    Reprint ID
    The number of the reprint. After each reprint the number is incremented by one.
    The status shows the progress of the print job. The print server sends back a status message of the print job to the functional area that created the print request.
    • Ready to Print: A new print job that has not been sent to the print server is ready to be printed.
    • Printing: The print server is currently printing the documents. The print job is not yet successfully completed.
    • Printed: The documents are successfully printed.
    • Queued - The print job is sent to the print queue, but the print server has not started printing. If the print server does not start printing within the designated timeout period, the print job is automatically set to Error status.
    • Error: The documents are not printed, because an error happened. If the error is caused by a timeout while in Printing, the print job may automatically change to processed in the future. If the error is caused by a timeout while in Queued status, the print job may have been purged from the queue and not processed. This can happen when the print server is unavailable for an extended period of time.
    The printer that is used to print the document.
    Printing Date/Time
    The field shows the date and time when the print job is printed.
    Printing Provider Job ID
    The job ID of the printing provider.
    Printing Provider Status Code
    The status code of the printing provider.
    Printing Provider Status Message
    The status message of the printing provider.
  4. Click Refresh to refresh the view of the log entries.