Configuring GALIA waybill printing

The GALIA waybill is a hybrid between the waybill and the packing slip. It includes carrier information, which is usually part of the waybill. But it is printed per shipment, which is characteristic for the packing slip. The GALIA waybill is not shipper-related, but transport-related.

To configure GALIA waybill printing:

  1. Select Master Data > Item Masters.
  2. Specify WaybillTypes in the search field.
  3. Click Drill down.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click Drill down to open the GALIA waybill type.
  6. Specify this information:
    Waybill Printing Mode
    Select one of these options:
    • Print per shipper: The waybill is printed per shipper.
    • Print per shipment: The waybill is printed per shipment. The waybill print action is divided into print jobs for each shipment in a shipper.
    Note: You can configure the waybill printing mode for all the waybill types in the WaybillTypes code list. This setting influences the printing of waybills. Generally, Print per Shipment is the recommended setting for GALIA and Print per Shipper should be selected for the other waybill types.