Packagings basics

Some ERP systems do not support containers. You can only publish shipments. Automotive processes, for example, require support for packaging structures, labels, shipping documents, and container pooling.

The Packagings function is used for ERP systems that do not allow you to create packed shipments. You can use Packagings to manage containers in shippers and included shipments automatically or manually and to control the complete packaging process.

The Packagings function supports automatic container building where possible and allows you to build containers manually, based on master data. See Packaging of incoming shipments.

Note: To use Packagings, you must configure it.

You can use Packagings to maintain different packaging items and container types, which are usually provided by customers. The packaging items can be filled with sales items, and structured containers can be built.

Example: A pallet contains 10 boxes. Each of the boxes contains 20 sales items.