Editing multiple containers

To edit a single container in Packagings, you can double-click Select in the appropriate line. If multiple containers are available, then you can edit and change the packing quantities for multiple containers simultaneously.

To edit multiple containers:

  1. Select Shipping > Packagings.
  2. Optionally, search for shippers that are not packed or partly packed. See Searching shipments.
  3. Click Drill down to open a shipment line.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click Select in the appropriate lines to select the containers to edit.
  6. Click More (ellipsis icon) to select the Edit Multiple Containers option.
  7. Specify this information:
    This field shows the quantity of each item in the transport handling unit that is shipped.
    The shipped quantity depends on the container type. A palette and boxes that are contained, for example, must not have a shipped quantity entry at any given time.
    Container Tare Weight
    The field shows the tare weight of the container.
    Parent Sequence Number
    This field shows the sequence number of the container that is the parent of the current container. For example, the sequence number of the pallet might be the parent sequence number of the box on the pallet.
  8. Click OK.