Reviewing alert configurations

On the Alert Configurations page, you can view the list of alert configurations.

To view the list of alert configurations:

  1. Select Alerts > Alert Configurations.
  2. Review this information:
    Alert Identifier
    The field specifies the alert identifier that uniquely identifies an alert.
    Alert Description
    The field shows the description that is linked to the Alert Identifier.
    Alert Identifier Description
    AMD-0001 Alert not found.
    AMD-1000 Import of ItemMaster BOD failed.
    AMD-1010 Import of CarrierMaster BOD failed.
    AMD-1020 Import of ContactMaster BOD failed.
    AMD-1100 Import of CustomerMaster BOD failed
    AMD-1110 Import of ShipToMaster BOD failed.
    AMD-1200 Failed to retrieve sequential number.
    AMD-1300 The retrieved sequential number is close to the maximum value.
    AMD-1301 The retrieved sequential number has been reset to minimum value.
    ART-0001 No alert configuration for alert identifier.
    AWS-001 Connection to Amazon Web Service failed due to invalid credential.
    AWS-002 Connection to Amazon Web Service failed due to network errors.
    AWS-003 Request to AWS Simple Queue Service failed.
    COM-005 Tenant configuration not found.
    EXM-1001 CarrierRoute noun import failed.
    EXM-1002 Saving of CarrierRoute noun import failed.
    EXM-1101 Shipment noun import failed.
    EXM-1102 Saving of Shipment noun import failed.
    EXM-1103 Missing packaging instructions.
    EXM-1104 Invalid container IDs.
    EXM-1201 Invoice noun import failed.
    EXM-1202 Saving of Invoice noun import failed.
    EXM-1301 PackageLabel import failed.
    EXM-1302 Saving of PackageLabel import failed.
    EXM-2001 Shipper processing failed.
    EXM-2002 Error on creating master shipments by importing shipments.
    Alert Identifier Description
    EXM-2101 The SCAC ID cannot be mapped.
    EXM-2104 The exchange folder is not configured.
    EXM-2105 The export file cannot be generated.
    EXM-2106 Third-party program returns error messages.
    EXM-2107 The responses cannot be read.
    EXM-2108 The data is incomplete.
    EXM-2109 You do not have read and write access for the exchange folder.
    EXM-3001 Document task was processed with missing delivery terms.
    GLO-001 Reading ZIP stream failed.
    GLO-002 Error reading internal ZIP.
    GLO-003 Error sending internal ZIP to Database or Printing services.
    PRT-0001 Error sent by printing provider.
    PRT-0002 Error retrieving print request for print job.
    PRT-0003 Time-out while receiving printing status from printing provider.
    PRT-0004 Error with Dead Letter SQS.
    SRM-1001 Plan approval required.
    SRM-1002 Alert for a new plan.
    SRM-1003 Import of a new plan failed.
    SRM-1004 Validation of a new plan failed.
    SRM-1005 Exception occurred during validation of a new plan.
    SRM-1006 Processing of a new plan failed.
    SRM-1007 Processing of a new plan is blocked.
    SRM-1008 Exception occurred while processing a new plan.
    SRM-1009 Raw/Fab CUMs of a new plan decreased.
    SRM-1010 Approval for CUM reset required.
    Alert Identifier Description
    SRM-1011 Minimum order quantity alert.
    SRM-1012 Minimum order quantity approval required.
    SRM-3003 Processing of shipment failed.
    SRM-3004 Processing of inventory consumption failed.
    SRM-4005 Sequencing synchronization shows differences in quantities.
    SRM-4006 Plan contains manually reactivated and/or deactivated requirements.
    SRM-4007 Planned sequencing requirement was set to firmed, because firmed requirement already exists.
    TFS-0001 The file cannot be imported.
    TFS-0002 The message cannot be processed.
    TFS-0003 The message cannot be resolved.
    TFS-0004 The message with the specified sequence number cannot be published.
    TFS-0005 Application advice not received on time.
    TFS-0006 Style sheets are missing in application services. Please upload style sheet content package.
    Destination Type
    The field specifies the destination type of an alert message. The message can be sent to the ION Pulse Engine so that the responsible user is informed in Infor Ming.le.
    The email option is for administrative testing only.
    Created Date
    The field specifies the creation date and time of the alert configuration.
    Last Update User
    The field shows the user who performed the last update.
    Last Update Date
    The field shows the date of the last update.
    Accounting Entity
    The accounting entity is a corporation or a subset of a corporation. The accounting entity is independent in regard to one or more operational functions or accounting functions. An accounting entity produces a P&L and balance sheet from a complete, balanced set of transactions, and is often a legal entity. An accounting entity is defined within a tenant and can contain locations.
    Document Type
    The field specifies the document type that is associated with the alert.