On-premises Client Configuration

To access the On-premises Client Configuration page, select Communications > On-premises Client Configuration.

On this page, you can view the settings of the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS). SQS is used by the Communication Service to communicate with the On-Premises Communication Agent. SQS is a job queue that the cloud uses to inform the client that a job is ready to be processed. The client polls the SQS queue to recognize when it must request an EDI file to send. EDI files are transferred to and from the cloud through the ION API gateway. All requests are initiated by the client, not by the ION API gateway.

The page provides access to the detail settings of the SQS queues for the current tenant/customer.

The configuration of the On-Premises Communication Agent is automatically generated as part of the tenant provisioning process.

The SQS URL is displayed in the Queue URL field. The SQS URL is a required information for the installation of the On-Premises Communication Agent.