Viewing the Client Configurations

The Client Configurations page shows the settings of the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) for the On-Premises Print Agent. SQS is used by the Printing Service to communicate print request notifications and print resource changes to the On-Premises Print Agent.

The configuration of the On-Premises Print Agent is automatically generated as part of the tenant provisioning process.

The SQS URL of the print queue is displayed in the Print Queue URL field. The SQS URL is a required information for the On-Premises Print Agent installation.

To view the client configurations:

  1. Select Printing > Client Configurations.
  2. Review this information:
    Visibility Timeout (in Seconds)
    Specifies the number of seconds that a message received from a queue will remain visible.
    Message Retention Period (in Seconds)
    Specifies the time in seconds that AWS SQS will retain a message, if it is not deleted. Permitted values are 60 seconds to 1,209,600 seconds (14 days).
    Maximum Message Size (in Bytes)
    Specifies the maximum message size in bytes that is accepted by Amazon SQS. Permitted values are 1 to 256 KB.
    Delivery Delay (in Seconds)
    Specifies the time in seconds used to delay the first delivery of all messages added to the queue. The default value is 0 seconds. Permitted values are 0 to 900 seconds.
    Receive Message Wait Time (in Seconds)
    Specifies the maximum time in seconds that a long polling ReceiveMessage request waits for a message. After that time, it returns an empty response to the Amazon SQS queue. Permitted values are 0 to 20.
    Print Queue URL
    The field specifies the URL of the queue to which the Printing Service sends the print request notifications and print resource changes.
    Content-based De-duplication
    If selected, the printing of duplicate information is eliminated.