Editing a manually imported message

To correct the message content or the message import settings, you can edit a manually imported message on the Import Messages page.

To edit a manually imported message:

  1. Select Transformation > Import Messages.
  2. Click the Drill down button of an imported message to display the detail view of the Import Messages page.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Edit the message content and the settings as required.
  5. To save the changes and start the message import, click Save.
    A notification displays that the message has been saved successfully. The message import starts.
  6. To check whether the message was successfully imported, select Transformation > Manage Messages.
    The successfully imported message is displayed in the list of messages on the Manage Messages page. The message status is Processed.
  7. If the message cannot be imported, the message status is set to Error on the Import Messages page. To check the error messages, click the Drill down button of the message that cannot be imported. In the detail view, click Validate Log Entries. In the Log Entries dialog box, the error messages are displayed. You can check the reason why the message could not be imported.