This table shows the icons that you use to perform various actions:

Icon Name Action
Show/Hide Show or hide the main menu
Go Back Return and leave the detail view
Create Create Create a new record
Calendar Open the calendar
Copy Copy a record
Delete Delete a record
Cancel Cancel the changes
Refresh Refresh Refresh a master list page
Drill down Select the line item and view the details
Edit Edit the detail view
Help Show the help for the current page
Collapse Collapse the display of the menu items
Expand Display the menu items
Minus Collapse the display of the secondary menu
Plus Expand the menu items of the secondary menu
Lookup Display the lookup dialog for a detail search
Selection Selection of records
Selected Selected line Show a selected record
Save Save the changes
Validate Validate the selected record
Upload Upload Import a file into the application
Download Download Download the selected files
More More Show additional options
Filter Indicator Filter Indicator Set a filter
Clear Filter Clear Filter Clear the defined filter
Original Original Show the raw view of the data
Format Format Show the formatted view of the data
About About Show version information about the services
Recent Notifications Recent Notifications Show the list of recent messages in the Recent Notifications dialog
Set Status to Error Set Status to Error Set the status Being Processed of the selected messages to Error.