Creating a workflow

You must create a workflow before you can assign it to a trading partner or customer.

To create a workflow:

  1. Select Master Data > Codes.
  2. To search, specify WorkflowNames in the Name field.
    Note: The entries are case-sensitive.
  3. Click Drill down on the WorkflowNames line.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. In Code List Properties, click Create.
  6. Specify this information:
    Workflow Name
    This field shows the name of the workflow. You can select the workflow that is stored in the master data from the drop-down list.
    Short Description
    This field shows a short description of the trading partner.
    Effective from Date
    This field shows the first day on which a record or a setting is valid. The settings are valid until the Effective to Date.
    Effective to Date
    This field shows the last day on which a record or a setting is valid. See Effective from Date.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save to save the workflow information.
    To make the workflow available, you must click the Tasks tab in the shipper view. Then click Reload Task(s). See Processing tasks.
    Note: Before you can use the new workflow, you must configure it. See Configuring workflow information.