Reviewing alerts

On the Alerts page, you can review the alerts that have been raised by the application.

To review alerts:

  1. Select Alerts > Alerts.
  2. Review this information:
    Alert Identifier
    The field specifies the alert identifier that uniquely identifies an alert.
    Source Service
    The field specifies the service that created the alert message.
    Business Document
    For example, if an alert is originating from Transformation, the business document can be the message sequence number.
    The field specifies the status of the alert message. The status can be NEW, PROCESSED, or ERROR.
    Processing Message
    The field displays an error message, if the alert has an ERROR status.
    Created Date
    The field specifies the creation date and time of the alert message.
    Processed Date
    The field specifies the processing date and time of the alert message.
    Last Update User
    The field shows the user who performed the last update.
    Last Update Date
    The field shows the date of the last update.
    Accounting Entity
    The accounting entity is a corporation or a subset of a corporation. The accounting entity is independent in regard to one or more operational functions or accounting functions. An accounting entity produces a P&L and balance sheet from a complete, balanced set of transactions, and is often a legal entity. An accounting entity is defined within a tenant and can contain locations.