Aborting tasks

Depending on external factors, a running task may not be completed in time. You can specify a time-out to stop the execution of the task after a specified time period. Alternatively, you can abort the task manually.

This functionality is particularly important in case of long-running tasks or tasks that may have failed due to external factors.

It is verified whether the task has exceeded the defined time period. If this is the case, the task and the shipper are set to the Aborted status. An alarm indicates that the task is terminated and a log entry is created.

  1. Select Master Data > Codes.
  2. To search, use the filter function of the Column Filter Bar section.
  3. In the Name column, enter the ShippingTasks code list.
  4. Click Drill down for the ShippingTasks code list.
  5. On the Codes page, click Edit.
  6. In Code List Properties section, click Create and specify this information:
    Timeout for Shipping Tasks
    This field shows the time interval after which the task is canceled.
  7. Select Shipping > Shippers.
  8. Click Drill down to open the details of the desired shipper.
  9. Click the Tasks tab.
  10. Click Select to select the tasks that you want to abort.
  11. Click Abort Tasks.
    The Aborted status is assigned to the tasks. In addition, a shipper-related log entry is created.
    Note: Only tasks that have theses statuses can be aborted: Running, Repeating, or Waiting.