Navigate to Shipping > Shippers to manage shippers and included shipments.

The Shippers page is the central point of control within Shipping. You can review all pending and completed shippers. You can control printing, check the workflow status, and review the shipper and the shipment details. See Supported documents. You can manually run functions, view and edit shipper data, and view the shipments that are included in the shipper. Each pending shipper is displayed as a separate line; you can click the Drill down button to display the shipper details, the shipments, and the log history.

  • A shipment includes several packaged items to be delivered to a specific Ship To address of a customer. The shipment data is transferred from the ERP system through the Shipment BOD type. A Shipment BOD creates a temporary pro forma shipper (Shipper ID = Shipment ID) that includes a shipment. Each shipment has a unique shipment ID, also known as packing slip number. The corresponding printout is the packing slip, also known as delivery note.
  • A shipper has a collection of shipments for one customer at a particular point in time. A shipper contains the basic information, which is the starting point for the waybill, ASN, and other documents. Each shipper has a unique number, also known as waybill number. The corresponding printout is the waybill.

    Shipper data is transferred through the CarrierRoute BOD. A CarrierRoute BOD creates a shipper that contains a list of shipment IDs.