Reviewing the list of inbound BODs

On the Inbound BODs page, you can review the list of inbound BODs.

To review the list:

  1. Select Shipping > Inbound BODs.
  2. Review this information:
    BOD Type
    This field shows the type of inbound BOD.
    Processing Status
    This field indicates whether the BOD has been processed.
    Result Status
    This field shows the results of the BOD processing. The status values are:
    • Failed - Error occurs when importing which prevents the BOD from being processed successfully. It is not considered a timing error that could be requeued.
    • Filtered - The BOD is not appropriate for Shipping.
    • Requeued - BOD is not able to be processed and is placed into the work queue to be imported again.
    • Success - BOD is processed into Shipping.
    Accounting Entity
    The accounting entity is a corporation or a subset of a corporation. The accounting entity is independent in regard to one or more operational functions or accounting functions. An accounting entity produces a P&L and balance sheet from a complete, balanced set of transactions, and is often a legal entity. An accounting entity is defined within a tenant and can contain locations.
    Created By
    The field shows the user who created the data.
    Creation Date
    The field indicates the creation date and time of the data.
    Last Update User
    The field shows the user who performed the last update.
    Last Update Date
    The field shows the date of the last update.