Importing configurations

You can import previously exported data to a different environment. For example, migrate the partner ID data from the test environment to the production environment. The data is imported from a JSON file in the selected import file path.

You can filter the data configurations to import by accounting entity.

To import configurations:

  1. Select Transformation > Configuration > Import Configurations.
  2. Specify this information:
    Accounting Entity
    Select an accounting entity from the drop-down list. The accounting entity is, for example, the identification for a company. If you select a special accounting entity, the data that is stored for the selected accounting entity is imported. If you do not select an accounting entity, all data from the JSON import file is imported.
    Import File Path
    Specify path and name of the import file.
    Import Successful
    This check box is selected, if the data successfully passes the import filter.
  3. To import the data, click Import. Check the Log Entries list for resulting errors and warnings.