In previous releases of EDI Exchange, alert messages were sent to ION Pulse for regular BOD processing.

From EDI Exchange v12.0.05, the Alert Service uses the ION Messaging Service (IMS) that allows alerts to be sent as JSON files and forwarded to Infor Ming.le without extra processing. In addition, IMS allows for implementing Alert Drillbacks that is a button on a Infor Ming.le alert that takes you to the associated page in EDI Exchange for that alert. All alerts are saved and viewable on the Alerts page and can be reprocessed as required.

The Alert Service enables the configuration of an alert destination. The default destination of an alert can be modified, if required. The destination of an alert is defined as an Infor Ming.le Distribution Group. In consequence, the alert can be sent to users who are members of the Infor Ming.le Distribution Group.

The alert message can be displayed in the supported languages. The appropriate alert message is selected based on the user’s language.

These are the menu selections available in the Alerts service:

  • Alerts: This option provides access to alert messages that have been raised by EDI Exchange.
  • Alert Configurations: This option provides access to the configuration of alert destinations.