Import Partner IDs

On the Import Partner IDs page, you can import the partner ID data that you exported previously to a different environment. For example, migrate the partner ID data from the test environment to the production environment. The partner ID data is imported from an XML file in the selected import folder.

You can filter the partner ID data to import by accounting entity and control the import behavior for existing partner ID data:

  • Delete the existing partner ID data before importing the new data.
  • Skip the import of existing partner ID data.
  • Overwrite the existing partner ID data.

Use the test mode to check the partner ID data to be imported. In test mode, information, warnings, and errors are only logged and shown in the Log Entries list.

When you import the partner ID data, a validation of the data is performed. If the data passes the validation successfully, it is imported. You can check the Log Entries list for errors and warnings.

The import function can also be used by customers to migrate their partner ID data from a legacy system to the application.

Note: To use the export and import functions for partner ID data, users require the corresponding role assignments for Transformation Services. See Roles and menus of Transformation Services in the Security Administration.